Talk to the Train!

SEPTAlking is a multi-modal app that lets you use the most natural interface of all - your voice - to get information on SEPTA regional rail departures and arrivals. Oh, and it's open source.

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Open Data

SEPTAlking leverages the data and APIs provided by SEPTA to make regional rail arrivals and departures available over the phone. There are lots of great resources available from SEPTA for building apps.

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Hackathon Born

SEPTAlking was built at a transit hackathon held in Philadelphia on October 8th and 9th. Lots of other great apps were built at this events as well. If you are a transit rider in Philly, these apps are for you.

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Tropo Powered

Because it's powered by Tropo, SEPTAlking also supports SMS, making it easy to find out when your train is leaving or arriving, using whatever modality you find most convenient. Easy access, FTW!

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